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Stress Management  

Today is the turn of Stress Management, and way that you can better deal with the stresses and strains of life. We will also look at when you need to ask for help and support. 

Are you summer solstice ready?

Tuesday 21st June 2022 at 10:13am is the summer solstice. This powerful time is when the sun reaches its peak, from our perspective in the Northern Hemisphere, before it begins its descent back towards the winter solstice (in the Southern Hemisphere, this is reversed, so the date marks winter solstice).

The POWER of Journaling to Unclutter your mind 

When your mind is weighed down with negative thoughts, life can seem so much harder to deal with. A cluttered mind, or Mind-Clutter as I like to call it, can really make things difficult to see clearly or as they are.

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The BENEFITS of meditating…

So what are the benefits of meditating? Of course there are the overall benefits such as sleeping better and calming anxiety, but for me meditating is a complete bubble of other worldliness.

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Just for you…

Free Stuff…

Introducing two Guides to Chakra Crystal and Divine Numbers. These are my antidote to global negativity. Download and enjoy!

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